By rejecting the love of one, I received the love of all.
By surrending my life to the revolution, I found eternal life. — HPN

Black Panther Tours
A rendezvous with history, learn, visit, and experience the Black Panther Party!

  • Here is your opportunity to visit the historical sites of the Black Panther Party. Visit the scene where Lil' Bobby Hutton was killed on April 6, 1968 and the location of the first free breakfast program.

    Tour guide David Hilliard was a childood friend of Black panther leader Huey P.Newton and was a founding member of the Black Panther Party For Self Defense in 1966. Three years later 1969 began the most repressive and violent attacks against the party,Huey and Bobby are both in prison and Eldrdige Cleaver's in exile, this is the beginnig of the bloody War Against The Black Panther Party under David's leadership. His eye witness accounts during this period of leadership in the the party is indisputable.

Black Panther Clothing
The Spirit of '66.

  • 1966 was the beginning of a social phenomenon that has changed the dynamics of this country forever. From music to fashion the power of the Panther has received global reactions and support.

    We continue that legacy in not only providing the clothing and other memorabilia, but providing some of the most original images and styles with superior quality. Get the original and more from the BP Clothing Store.

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